Spend your time investing, not administrating your investments 

pulsehound is a simple reliable investment information management system.

pulsehound helps investors efficiently submit, and collect information about their target companies, aggregate the information in one simple wallet, and get insight to how each investment, and their entire portfolio, performs.

pulsehound aims to improve the investors’ knowledge, and the flow of knowledge from target companies to their investors.

pulsehound smart investing app

Taking the administrative hassle out of the investment process,

pulsehound empowers small to mid-size investors,

giving them more control over their assets, and allowing for a smooth collaboration between investors, accountants, tax advisors and counsels. 

This is just the beginning for us, bear with pulsehound as we work to create an easy, friendly and efficient platform, that will help you make better investment decisions

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still stuck with folders,
pdfs & spreadsheets?

pulsehound is a professional tool that helps you track and understand your portfolio's true value, so you can make better investment decisions.

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Transparent, Affordable Pricing

Our Managed package is less than you’ll spend on counsel or admin to organize and control your investment instruments. 


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We care about your investments. The best way to create long-term happy customers is to provide top-of-the-line customer service. That’s exactly our mindset. pulsehound has experienced account managers, lawyers and developers making sure your data is there when you need it, empowering you on your investment journey.     

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The Only Electronic Wallet For Private Investments

pulsehound is your e-wallet for private investments, allowing you to store and track information, as well as collaborating with others when needed.