pulsehound introduces simplicity into the private securities management world.

Our mission is to help investors of all kinds, individuals (angels), VCs, CVCs and other institutional investors as well as private equity managers, track, manage and get a better understanding of how individual investments, and their entire portfolio performs.

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Our long-term goal is making the private securities market more sophisticated and advanced, helping investors recapitalize assets, understand trends, risks and opportunities, as public market information systems allow today.

How pulsehound was born...

Yair Udi, is a savvy transactional lawyer, with more than a decade of experience helping angel investors, VCs and pension funds investing and managing their investments.  Yair has also actively invested in young companies in a diverse range of worlds, serves as a board member, and advises founders on commercial and financial matters, on an ongoing basis. 

In 2020, Yair partnered with Maydan Shem Tov, Co Founder and CDO (MSc Financial Mathematics), to establish pulsehound.

Maydan is an experienced business and financial consultant, with a long history of working in the financial services industry, advising companies in governmental tenders, as well as startups, matured companies and VCs in financing rounds. Skilled in Business Planning, Analytical Skills, Mergers & Acquisitions, Start-ups, and Project Management. Strong consulting professional with a MSc focused in Financial Mathematics from Bar-Ilan University.

Our Founders

Yair Udi

Yair Udi

Maydan Shem Tov

Maydan Shem Tov

We intend to develop pulsehound to be more than just a tool.

Step by step, we will be building a community of investors, with the sole purpose of building a better, more transparent investment environment, allowing those who want to learn and become savvy investors the opportunity to grow.

To achieve our goals,
we would need your feedback.

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