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With pulsehound you can spend more of your time investing, not administrating your investments 

pulsehound is a simple reliable investment information management system.

pulsehound helps investors efficiently submit, and collect information about their target companies, aggregate the information in one simple wallet, and get insight to how each investment, and their entire portfolio, performs.

pulsehound aims to improve the investors’ knowledge, and the flow of knowledge from target companies to their investors.

Pulsehound is an advanced investment management system designed to help investors track and manage their investments more efficiently.

With PulseHound, you can say goodbye to the tedious excel spreadsheets, and say hello to a simple, intuitive platform that makes it easy to log in, update, and track information about your target companies.

Pulsehound Dev team

Pulsehound's wallet feature allows you to aggregate all of your investment information in one place, making it easy to see how your portfolio is performing at a glance.

The platform also offers insights and visuals to help you understand how your investments are doing, so you can make informed decisions about your portfolio.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just getting started,
Pulsehound is the perfect tool to help you stay on top of your investments and make the most of your money

pulsehound provides a fast & efficient way to keep track of your portfolio.

pulsehound for smart investors
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still stuck with folders,
pdfs & spreadsheets?

pulsehound is a professional tool that helps you track and understand your portfolio's true value, so you can make better investment decisions.

The Only Electronic Wallet For Private Investments

pulsehound is your e-wallet for private investments, allowing you to store and track information, as well as collaborating with others when needed. 

Who is pulsehound
suitable for?

pulsehound is mainly for small/mid-size investors.
VCs and other investment firms can also benefit from using pulsehound.

pulsehound investment free management software

pulsehound is a free app, we intend to keep it free all the time.

In the future we will introduce paid subscriptions with additional specific features,

but the basic layer will always remain free and may even be expended based on feedback investors provide.

Free or paid?

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This is just the beginning,
join us as we work to create an easy,
friendly and efficient platform,
that will help you make better investment decisions.

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