Everything You Need to Know About pulsehound – The Only Electronic Wallet for Private Investments

The goals of every investor are to build a solid and diversified portfolio, and to make substantial profit.

Overall, investing has three main objectives:

  • Income
  • Safety
  • Capital Gains

While it might be simple to understand the basics of investing, it is by no means easy to get it done right. That is why you need pulsehound. Whatever your investment goals might be, we are here to help you achieve your financial goals with increased ease.


What is pulsehound?

pulsehound is your e-wallet for private investments, allowing you to store and track information, as well as collaborating with others when needed. It is a professional tool that helps you track and understand your portfolio’s true value, so you can make better investment decisions.

Private investments, in particular, offer the opportunity to rake in higher returns which is why more and more investors are taking interest in this type of alternative investment. We make it easier for you to make profit from your private investments through our simplicity and top-notch technology.

Why pulsehound?

  1. Being able to keep up with the progress their various investments have made can be challenging to many investors. pulsehound gives investors insights on their investment’s performance in one place. With this, investors acquire a better understanding of their portfolio value.
  2. Even more than simply tracking and sharing data, pulsehound organizes and simplifies the data in order to improve your ability to gain insight about your investments’ performance.
  3. pulsehound empowers investors and their service providers by making it easier for investors to share and use information with a single click of a button. This saves the time and effort that would have instead been expended on obtaining that information.
  4. The information is also logged and tracked to provide a smooth and simple experience when using pulsehound through the app or website.


Benefits of Using pulsehound

Dealing with folders, PDFs and Spreadsheets can be exhausting. Administrating your investments can be a time-consuming chore. All the hassle and redundant work that is not core to the investment process can be drastically reduced by using pulsehound. This frees you up to spend your time actually investing.

pulsehound isn’t only suited for big-time investors. Small to mid-size investors have much to benefit from pulsehound because it empowers them to exercise increased control over their assets.

By creating a collaborative space, pulsehound makes it easier for investors, accountants, tax advisors lawyers, service providers, controllers and counsels to carry out their functions in smooth synergy. This contributes to accelerating your investments.



With pulsehound, you can compare, track and manage information with ease. With accessible information at your fingertips, you also get reliable insights into your investments and how they perform.

All of this is done from a single secure and centralized place. This makes it easy to manage and empowers you to get more done in less time. Designed to be simple and secure, pulsehound offers a smooth intuitive experience while ensuring all of your personal information is stored securely using enhanced protection.



Features of pulsehound

  • pulsehound offers several plans to investors. The managed plan is most suitable for those who really look to handover the task of logging entries and updating their portfolio on an ongoing basis, and it plans includes a dedicated account manager that will upload all of your materials and handle your ongoing investments.
    With this, we ensure that you can easily access all the data you need whenever you need it. Furthermore, to ensure an enjoyable customer experience, pulsehound organizes your information seamlessly.
  • Unlike service providers that usually require hourly fee payments, pulsehound helps investors save the cost by managing and organizing all investment information and data for a single and transparent monthly fee, while your managed plan account manager remains constantly available.
  • We empower investors to accurately analyze all data and investment information, by making the information readily available and apparent. With everything being available in one place, it is easier to compare and share.
  • We empower investors with insights by accurately analyzing all data and investment information. Our platform makes the information readily available and apparent, and with everything being available in one place, it is easier to compare and share.


Under our 7-day challenge plan, you can start off with a free trial,
and with the help of an account manager that will be assigned to you, you can experience the power of pulsehound first-hand.

There’s no time wasting or hassle with pulsehound. Get on board!
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Join us in reinventing the venture administration space, and increasing the opportunities available for small and institutional investors.
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