your investments

pulsehound provides a wide range of investment administration and management tools helping investors oversee their assets in an efficient and centralized manner

CompareTrackManageGet insights into your investments.



your investments

Creating a collaborative space of investors and their accountants, lawyers, controllers and service providers

CompareTrackManageGet insights into your investments.

Ease of Management

Accessible information at your fingertips, in one secure and centralized place


Our enhanced protection ensures all of your personal information is stored securely

Saves You Time

Share everything with your service providers in just the click of a button


The pulsehound app is designed for you to intuitively and easily enjoy

still stuck with folders,
pdfs & spreadsheets?

pulsehound is a professional tool that helps you track and understand your portfolio's true value, so you can make better investment decisions.

We've got you covered.

Our managed plan includes a dedicated account manager, that will upload all of your materials and handle your ongoing investments, so all the data you need is right there, at your fingertips.

Customer Experience

All of your information organized seamlessly to save you time and hassle

Cost Saving

One fee for managing all of your investment information and data, instead of paying hourly fees to multiple service providers

Data Analysis

All of your investment information available under one umbrella for ease of comparison

with pulsehound investors can easily collaborate and share data with their accountants, lawyers, controllers and service providers

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